Commercial Enrollment Form Agreement

Welcome to Pioneer Bank Internet Banking enrollment.

Please read the Commercial Enrollment Form Agreement below for Internet Banking Terms and Conditions and Electronic Fund Transfers Disclosure.

By clicking on "I Agree" below you are giving Pioneer Bank permission to enroll you as an Internet Banking customer. NOTE: You must have an already established account with Pioneer Bank to enroll in Internet Banking. You attest you are authorized to initiate enrollment for Internet Banking on behalf of your company. Corporate Resolutions will be reviewed upon receipt of this enrollment. Pioneer Bank will contact if further verification is necessary.

There is no charge for Internet Banking. Please read the following Commercial Enrollment Form Agreement for Terms and Conditions.

If there is no online activity for 6 months, Pioneer Bank may terminate online account access. You will need to re-enroll to reactivate your access.

If you check "Apply for Automatic Bill Payment" we will enroll you in our Bill Pay service. Pioneer Bank will charge $2.00 per month ($24.00/yr ) for the Bill Pay service up to 15 transactions per month. Any transactions over 15 per month will be charged $.50 per transaction.

If you check "Apply for Cash Management" we will enroll you in our Cash Management service. Pioneer Bank will charge a $250.00 setup fee and a monthly maintenance fee. Monthly maintenance fees will vary between $10.00 - $45.00. Further documents will need to be filled out prior to your account being setup for Cash Management.

If you choose to originate ACH transactions, the Pioneer Bank Company\Financial Institution Agreement will supercede all other agreements for ACH processing.

Bill Pay and Cash Management users will receive a security token to sign in with. The initial token is free of charge. If the token is misplaced or lost and a new token is required, a $10.00 charge will apply.

If you do not wish to enroll, please click "Return to Bank". This will return you to Pioneer Bank's home page.
Commercial Enrollment Form Agreement
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