Commercial Internet Banking Agreement

Freeland State Bank


Please click on the Internet Banking Agreement link below to display the Agreement.

By continuing with this online application process, you agree that we may provide you this Agreement and any revisions and amendments to this Agreement in electronic form; and that, if you choose to accept the Agreement, you are consenting to enter into and are entering into an Agreement electronically that will govern all future transactions you conduct using the online services and agree to be bound by its terms.

From time to time, we may deliver certain information to you that is required by law or regulation to be provided to you in writing, or regarding information about our online services. By selecting the "I Agree" button below, you agree that we may provide you revisions and amendments to this Agreement and such other information, including but not limited to information under Regulation E and under other applicable banking or financial services laws or regulations in connection with the services, electronically as a part of the Agreement or otherwise as a part of the online services. If you wish to withdraw consent to receive Information electronically, to terminate the services, or to update your information, such as a change of address or email address, you may call us at 989-695-5551, send a Secure Bank Mail message within the services, or by sending a letter to Internet Banking Support, Freeland State Bank, 185 E Washington Street, PO Box 128, Freeland, MI 48623.

You may print and retain a copy of this Agreement or any future information sent to you electronically. You may also obtain a free copy of this Agreement, any amendments to it, and other communications about the Service in paper form by writing or calling us at the above address and telephone number.

By selecting I Agree below you are consenting to the above information as well as the Agreement document that can be obtained by clicking on the Commercial Internet Banking Agreement link below. If you do not want to continue with the enrollment or do not agree to any of the terms, click on HOME to Return to Bank's website.
Commercial Internet Banking Agreement