Personal Enrollment Form Agreement

Welcome to Arbor Bank Internet Banking enrollment. By clicking on the "I Agree" below, you are agreeing to all terms of our Internet Banking agreement and give us permission to set up service for you as an Internet Banking customer.

This Internet Banking information is a portion of the Agreement and Disclosure that governs your use of Internet Banking. By using Internet Banking, you agree to all of the terms defined in the online “Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosure”.

“You or your” – The person(s) subscribing to or using Internet Banking.
“We, Us, Our” – Refers to Arbor Bank and any agent, independent
contractor, designee, or assignee Arbor Bank may involve in the provision of Internet Banking.
“Business Day” – Any calendar day other than Saturday, Sunday, or any holidays recognized by Arbor Bank. Bill payments are processed on all business days that both the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Postal System are operating and open for business.
“Business Day Cut-Off for Internet banking Transactions- Arbor Bank’s primary banking office is located in Nebraska City, Nebraska and we base our business day on the Central Daylight Time Zone for posting purposes. The bank will process all transactions completed by 4:00 PM on this date. Transferscompleted online after 6:00 PM will be processed on the following business day.

About Internet Banking:
Arbor Bank’s Internet Banking consists of an online banking web site that provides a complete array of financial services to its customers including the following:

Account Inquiries
24-month statement history
Account Transfers
Payments to our loan accounts
Secure e-mails
Quicken Download feature
Account Balances
Microsoft Money Download
Various Bookkeeping Services

For customers who select Free Arbor Bank Bill Pay, these additional functions are available:
One-time Payments
Occasional Payments
Fixed Recurring Payments
Variable Recurring Payments
Bill Presentment

Registration Process:
The Internet Banking service requires that the customer complete the initial registration process. This involves completing a secure online application that will identify your Arbor Bank account and all the information that we will need to enable the service. Also, each customer will be supplied with a Regulation E disclosure, either by mail or in person. The Internet Banking department will verify the information you submitted for accuracy and authorizations. In a few days, you will be notified by mail and by E-mail when your account will be activated and ready for use.

Log-On Security:
Security is very important to us. At the time you request the service you will select a unique “User ID” and then choose a “Password” that will be used to gain access to the system. Prior to activation, we will verify your identity and authorization to information associated with the accounts that you requested tied to the service. For more detailed security information, please log on to our Website:

You may request to access any personal account providing you are a signer or owner. If you desire services that allow you to initiate payments or transfers from the account, you will need the required withdrawal authority to be able to complete the transaction. By using the service, you agree to maintain one or more accounts with us and to keep sufficient balances in any account to cover any transaction and fees that are ultimately approved by or related to the system. If the accounts added to the service are jointly held or have multiple signers, you agree that access to the information and all transactions initiated by the use of your User Code and Password are authorized unless we have been notified to cancel the service. Ineligible accounts consist of certain business accounts and accounts that require more than one signature.

Fees: Internet Banking and Bill Pay are provided by Arbor Bank free of charge.

You are responsible for any telephone charges, which you incur by accessing your bank account through Internet Banking.

Agreement Terms and Conditions:
When you access your accounts through Internet Banking, you agree to be bound by the rules governing this service and as set forth in the Agreement. By your access you verify receipt and understanding of the terms provided in the disclosure.

Internet Banking Customer Service: 800-472-3388, 402-873-3388, or 712-482-6431
Web Address:

Using Bill Payment Service:

It is easy to pay bills online. Simply set up your Payees by choosing from the database of vendors (Payees) that already exist, or by entering necessary information to schedule a payment. We are able to process payments to payees that have a U.S. Postal address. Due to liability issues, we will not accept payments to federal, state or local tax agencies. Otherwise, there is no limit to whom you pay or how many payees you may establish. We maintain a large vendor database of regional or national billers to make this process quicker and easier. The Bill Payment service will also allow you to see a history of all the payments made from your accounts. By furnishing us with the
names of your payees/merchants and their addresses, you authorize Arbor Bank to follow the payment instructions to these payees/merchants that you provide them via Internet Banking.

The daily limit for the total dollars of payments approved is governed by the system’s available balance in the checking account selected for making the payment. You can withdraw up to the system’s available balance as long as your account shows sufficient funds to cover your payments. The payment will normally be charged to your account on the business date that it is approved. If for any reason a scheduled payment processed through the system is declined, it will automatically be rescheduled for the following business day. The system will notify you of this action by sending you a “message” that will appear the next time you log on to the system. The system will continue to attempt to pay the bill on the following business days until there are sufficient funds or you cancel or reschedule it. For further information on bill payment, please log on to our Website:

Waiver and Liability of Damages and Warranties:
In addition to the terms previously disclosed herein, Arbor Bank is not responsible for any losses, injury or damages, whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, caused by Internet Banking or the use thereof or arising in any way out of the installation, use or maintenance of your personal computer hardware or any software, including software provided by us. Also, Arbor Bank disclaims any responsibility for any electronic virus (es) the customer may encounter after installation of such software on the customer’s personal computer.

Terms and conditions of the Internet Banking agreement may be amended in whole or part at any time within 30 days written notification prior to the change taking effect. If you do not agree with the charge(s), you must notify us in writing prior to the effective date to cancel your access. Amendments or changes to term(s) or condition(s) may be made without prior notice if it does not result in higher fees, more restrictive service use or increased liability to you.

By clicking on the "I Agree" below, you are agreeing to all terms of our Internet Banking agreement and give us permission to set up service for you as an Internet Banking customer.

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