Internet Banking Enrollment (HometownNet) Agreement

Consent to Electronic Records

By activating the Union Bank Online Banking Service you are consenting to our providing you an electronic record of (i) the Online Banking Agreement and Disclosures (the “Disclosures”) and (ii) your authorizations of any preauthorized electronic fund transfers from your account (“Authorizations”). You may request that the Disclosures be provided to you now on paper. Even if you consent to an electronic record now, you may later withdraw that consent and have the Disclosures and authorizations provided to you on paper. If you would like us provide you with the Disclosures on paper or you would like to withdraw your consent to the electronic disclosure of the Disclosures and Authorizations, please contact us by any of the following methods:

• write to us at Union Bank Online Banking Services
P.O. Box 177 Sistersville, WV 26175
• call us at 1-888-328-6466 (1-888-32-UNION), or
• email us at

You may also contact us by any of the above methods to provide us with updated information on how to contact you electronically. Your consent applies only to our providing an electric record of the Disclosures and Authorizations. There will be no fee charged if you request that the Disclosures and Authorizations be provided to you on paper. You must have a personal computer, a modem, an Internet Service Provider for Internet access, and a current version of one of the following web browsers in order to gain access to and retain the electronic record of the Disclosures and Authorizations: Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer or America Online.
Internet Banking Enrollment (HometownNet) Agreement
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