FNBC has completed the new and improved online banking conversion. If you have this page saved in your favorites please remove the bookmark and go to www.fnbc.us to access the new log in for internet banking.   For your convenience we have added a document to FNBC’s website that has step-by-step instructions for accessing the new site.   Listed below is the link to the document:   https://www.fnbc.us/custom/fi/fnbc/fb/disclosure/FNBC-Key-Online1.pdf   For after hour support to assist with any questions or assistance, call 870-257-1801. This line is available during the following timeframe:   • Monday 3/25 from 5-9 pm CST • Tuesday 3/26 from 5-9 pm CST • Wednesday 3/27 from 5-9 pm CST   Thank you for using FNBC Key Online Banking!